1. Go to http://meccano.com/meccanoid-robot-updater.
  2. Download the Robot Update software listed under your operating system (Windows or MAC).
  3. Install the software and follow the prompts on your computer (click “continue” and “agree”).
  4. Once folder is downloaded to computer, click file to launch Robot Updater Software (or extract if necessary).
  5. Locate the included USB cable.
  6. Connect USB cable to computer. Please note only up to USB 2.0 is supported at this time.
  7. Insert micro USB end into the port on the MeccaBrain.
  8. Please allow MeccaBrain for up to a minute to connect. If you receive a “MeccaBrain not connected” message. Please try to reinsert and try again or restart your computer. If the MeccaBrain is not recognized by your computer and does not show up as a drive on your Windows computer (e.g. D:\MECCANOID) or on your desktop on your MAC computer, please check the USB cable or USB port for damages or try using an alternative (data transfer) cable or port.
  9. Once the MeccaBrain is successfully connected, click on the drop down menu fields to select robot type, language and update version. Perform a Total Memory Wipe if you would like to erase all customized features (stored LIM program, robot’s name, saved files, etc.).
  10. Click on large blue download button to start update.
  11. Once successfully download, you will see a prompt that says Update Complete. If update fails while in progress, please verify you have a stable internet connection and attempt steps 6-10 again.
  12. Congratulations, your MeccaBrain should now be updated.