The amazing thing is that you can hatch again and again with Hatchimals WOW! Refer to our Quick Start guide for how to re-hatch. Click here to download Quick Start Guide.

Put your Llalacorn back in her egg and she’ll start to fall asleep. Inside the egg there are indents showing where her feet should go! Once she’s fully asleep, put the egg top back on. You’ll know she’s asleep when her eyes turn off and she stops snoring. Make sure the two egg shells snap together. Now to wake her up, tilt the egg backwards and forwards until you see yellow eyes.

Your Llalacorn can’t hatch without you! She needs 3 interactions to hatch… tap the egg… tilt backwards and right side up and… tilt backwards and hold to cuddle. Any combination will work!

Be careful not to squeeze the egg too much when you do this or the egg top could pop off before she’s ready to hatch! When Llalacorn’s ready to hatch, you’ll see rainbow eyes and hear the ready to hatch music! Almost there! Hold the egg upright and Llalacorn will pop the egg top off! Now remove the egg top to see your adorable Llalacorn! Every time Llalacorn wakes up, she’s in a different mood so there’s always something new waiting for you to do!