To hatch your Hatchimals WOW, you can play with it in 3 different ways.
  • You can tap on the egg and your Hatchimal will tap back! Your Hatchimal can only hear your taps when she’s quiet and her lights are off.
  • Tilting! Tilt the egg backwards and forwards to play! But if you tilt too much your Hatchimal will get dizzy! Hold the egg upright to calm her down.
  • Cuddling! When you see pink eyes, just tilt the egg backwards to cuddle.
  • When you see rainbow eyes that means it’s ready to hatch!
  • Remove the ribbon wrap
  • Place egg onto a flat surface
  • Your Hatchimals WOW will the top off her egg
  • Remove the egg top and your Hatchimals WOW will sing Hatchy Birthday
  • When the song is over, take your Hatchimals out of the egg. It's time for play time!