1. Flip up hood of truck cab and drop in the pup figure.
  2. Pull the front and rear of the truck in opposite directions to extend the truck vehicle.
  3. Pull up and back on the trailer lid to open the trailer fully, revealing the inner crane & operator cab on a rotating platform.
  4. Pull up on the crane arm and raise it to the lifted position. The upper crane bar can be rotated and raised/lowered with a swinging hook at the end. Place pup in the operator cab to the right of the crane arm.
  5. With the crane arm still in the raised position, rotate the platform 360 degrees around to position the pup and crane in any direction.
  6. To close the truck trailer, rotate the trailer platform back to the forward position, with crane on the left side and operator cab on the right side of the truck.
  7. Lower the crane arm down to the closed position before closing the lid. Platform must be positioned forward before lowering the arm.