Turn dial to 1 for autonomous mode to do the following:
  • Rider's Bond: Place hand on head for Hatching Dragon to have eyes dimming and purring.
  • Plasma Blast: Hold belly to charge up plasma blast and release to blast. The mouth will glow when charging and blasting.
  • Dragon and Rider: Teach your Hatching Dragon how to fly by picking it up and moving in an "S" shape. It will flap wings and make flying sounds when you do this motion and lift me high into the air.
  • Annoy: Shake, hold upside down, or tap on my head to annoy your Hatching Dragon and it will respond with lights and angry sounds or a plasma blast!
  • Feed: Feed your Hatching Dragon with the fish if it gets hungry by holding the fish accessory up to the mouth, making contact with the 3 scales.
  • Sleep: Lay your Hatching Dragon on its side to put me to sleep to hear it snore as it naps. It will also fall asleep if left alone for too along. If it stops snoring and falls asleep completely, place and hold hand on head to wake it up.