To assemble the mounting piece, you’ll need low-adhesive tape.

  1. Place the cardboard ramp up flat against the wall you wish to apply the mounting piece to and use the low-adhesive tape on the top corners of the ramp and near the bottom of the ramp to hold it in place.
  2.  Connect the two mounting pieces together until they snap into place.
  3. On the command strip, peel the RED side and stick the red side onto the mounting bracket so that the BLACK side is facing up. You’ll need 5 command strips for the mounting piece.
  4. Press each strip firmly for 30 seconds.
  5.  Peel off the black side of the command strip.
  6. Place the mounting piece in the allocated slot where the cardboard ramp is.
  7. Press the command strip icons firmly for 30 seconds.
  8. Remove the cardboard ramp from the wall.
  9. Please wait 1 HOUR before attaching the rest of the playset pieces.