Software Update Versions:

1.00.00 - Cartridge Version
1.01.00 - Feature Update- Day 0 Software Update “Patch 0 ” -
1.01.01 - Software Update 1 (Patch 1) - Published November 3rd, 2020

1.01.00 - Day 0 Software Update (Patch 0)

*Improved messaging during ability cut scenes when Brawling
*Additional balancing and AI tuning
*New visually unique Evo states for Bakugan
*Off-screen indicator for the opponent
*Baku-Abilities screen UX improvements
*Tutorial improvements

1.01.01 - Software Update 1- (Patch 1) - Published November 3rd, 2020
* Fixed progression blocking bug that locked locations in the game’s fast travel system (Metro). We also put in a “repair mechanic” that will automatically correct this issue if a player experienced this before patching.
* Fixed bug with combat mechanic causing improper text to appear on screen when using a specific player ability (Core Consumption).
* Fixed bug where a certain order of events would prevent a side quest from being able to be completed.
*Fixed the progression block after beating Preston in the final tournament.

1.01.21 - Software Update 2- (Patch 2) - Published November 17th, 2020
*Solved an Issue that caused a possible loss of save data if the player enters the game and quits without triggering subsequent saves.
*Solved an Issue that caused possible blocked progress for players who performed a quest’s objectives out of order (finding LaFleur in Central Park). 
*Solved an Issue with a side quest that seemed not to trigger the final objective in Zydeco Beach. 
*Solved an Issue where if a player loses a battle to one specific NPC in the ParaSol HQ lobby, the dialog does not appear, causing a possible progression block. The guard must be defeated to progress. If the player loses to the guard, the battle can be initiated again by talking to the guard.
*Parcels for ParaSol quest:  Fixed a rare situation where players would not be able to progress the quest correctly due to the dialog with your Bakugan not playing.  Please note that the postman will NOT be present by the gate, that is intentional.  However, if you approach the security guard at the gate, a dialog with your Bakugan will trigger and advance the quest.
*Miscellaneous text issues.

1.01.03 - Software Update 3- (Patch 3) - Published January 5th, 2021
*Fixing issue where swapping abilities multiple times in multiple sessions before the first combat , will result in a crash.
*Fixing the issue where Nillious does not have a Bakuball that appears when being KO’d.
*Fixing the issue where pressing B repeatedly immediately after selecting any item in the Menu results in a black screen crash.
*A few hidden B-Coin objects will be made more accessible.
*Adding input locking coming out of combat to prevent various anomalies from potentially occurring depending upon the location/quest.
*Adding Pyrus Fury to the Magma Boost ability.
*Fixing the brawl that prevented Ventus Tretorous from being accessible. Added new additional hidden Ventus Tretorous for players who already completed this brawl prior to patching.
*Working on Preventing Team Attacks from being able to be triggered while charged and a Bakugan is KO’d.
*Correcting online behavior for Sticky Feet and Repulse brawler abilities.
*Adding a new additional hidden Ventus Cyndeous in case players do not find the one hidden in a quest.