Rolling your Bakugan requires a deep bond between you and your Bakugan. Here are a few tips to master rolling your Bakugan:

  • Check your Bakugan for arrows as every Bakugan has an arrow
  • Position your Bakugan with the arrow pointing in front of you and roll forward - This is the best angle to roll your Bakugan

In order to trigger the Bakugan activation, the magnet under the Bakugan must make contact with the Bakucore. The Bakucore only have metal in the middle and not the edges, so you need to be precise when hitting them.

The magnet can be found by tracing your finger along the path the arrow points in until you find an indented flat surface area. As your Bakugan rolls, there’s a small window of contact between the magnet and Bakucore. If you’re not landing on the Bakucore correctly, try starting at a different point in rotation or try different angles

Check out this video below to learn more: