1. Prepare the pieces you will need.
  2. Using the two unicorn or butterfly pop-out patterns, trace and cut two pieces of pink glitter fabric.
  3. Scrunch one end of the glitter fabric. Place on top layer of felt and sew with style string. Repeat with smaller piece of glitter fabric to create layered skirt
  4. Remove style string, and sew the unicorn or butterfly front and back layers together. Notice the symbols that show where to START (1), STOP (2), and spot stitch (+) on the back panel. Do not stitch over glitter fabric skirt.
  5. Stuff your character through the bottom opening. DO NOT OVERSTUFF.
  6. Stitch the stuffed character closed, from (2) to (1).
  • TIP: If the seam comes apart, sew over the stitching path again.