Follow these steps when using your Sew Cool™ Studio to ensure your fabric joins properly.

  1. First, make sure you are using Sew Cool™ fabric with your Sew Cool™ Studio. Regular fabric will not join. 
  2. Next, check that your fabric is flat, and that you are only joining 2 layers of fabric together. 
  3. Raise the needles using the manual knob, then insert your fabric.
  4. Once the fabric is aligned,lower the needles into the fabric using the manual knob.
  5. Press the START button and begin sewing.
  6. After you've finished, press the STOP button, then raise the needles out of the fabric. 
  7. Turn the machine OFF and remove the fabric.

Note: Raise the needles out of the fabric before removing to avoid breaking the needles.
Still having trouble? Please call Customer Care